Why we rebranded

Walking with our clients this year, we witnessed extraordinary resilience. We were inspired, and it helped us realise something about ourselves that we wanted to bring to the forefront.

May 10, 2021


Why we rebranded

The Team

Looking back, as we move forward.

How did you go this year? What worked, what didn’t?

We’ve certainly been reflecting on a big year gone by. We’ve walked closely alongside some of you for many years through all sorts of challenges and successes, but it was early this year when we saw some of our biggest challenges to date arise as the implications of COVID-19 became real to us all.

As we worked with our clients and helped them navigate their businesses and finances, we witnessed first-hand their incredible resilience and capacity to keep going. Time and time again we encountered these stories of incredible people doing great things that is truely unique to who they are. We were inspired, and it got us thinking. What makes our work so important to us? Is it the accounting? The business advice? Or is there something underpinning all of this?

It’s usually the challenging situations that bring out some of these bigger questions.

For twenty plus years we’ve worked with people of all different types; helping them adapt, innovate and overcome challenges. What makes our work special though, is the personal connection we’ve build with each client along the way. We’re pretty sure it wouldn’t work without these relationships. It’s less about a service, and more about how we can work together to achieve personal and professional goals. It’s a partnership between us and our clients; that’s where the magic happens.

This is the heart of our business; to empower our clients in their business and finances, so they can achieve above and beyond.

So, we’re bringing this into focus. As we move into the new year, we’re launching our new brand to support our mission. It speaks clearly of who we are, who we’re for, and where we’re going. A big part of this is our website. A place for our clients to be empowered. We’ll be sharing helpful resources, interesting ideas, and continuing to build connection with our community.

The new year holds a lot of promise for us all. We’d like to invite you to take hold of it with a sense of confident questioning. What are the things you’re leaving behind with 2020, and what are the things you’re focusing on next year? What makes the work you do special, something others don’t do in the same way as you?

Why not make this your starting point for 2021?

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